About us

Anyksciai public library named after Liudvika and Stanislovas Didziuliai is the main library in the county with 23 branches in surrounding villages. The function of the library is underpinned by common values and national traditions. The purpose of the library is to safe-keep, organise and spread thoughts, ideas, knowledge, information and experience that are set in various documents or mediums. The main goal of the library is to create well functioning and functional services system that is not only available to all the residents in the county, but also meets their information, cultural and reading demands. Library plays an important role in democratic society as it provides access to variety of ideas, opinions and knowledge. 
People from all age and social groups have access to information and internet. Services, provided at the library, are also influenced by the new technologies available today. Public internet access, computer literacy, life-long learning are examples of the library services that encourage creative processes in the society. The library uses automated system called LIBIS to organise its work processes and also provides copying, scanning, printing, faxing and other services. Library specialists teach its visitors how to use available information technology and educate in computer literacy.

In addition to the above mentioned services, the library also works on improving the existing system of spreading the information, strenghtening partnerships, storing and safe-keeping documents related to Anyksciai region, publishing regional studies. The library provides access to books, newspapers, sound and video documents, traditional and/or electronic catalogues, other databases.

The library engages in a wide cultural and educational program by popularising books, services and encouraging reading. It also organises a variety of literature evenings and other meetings, art and books exhibitions, and takes part in various projects.